Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Burris Family Makes Second Donation To Swedes Run Barn Restoration

When Moorestown business owner William G. Burris and his wife Linda Burris see a community need, they don’t hesitate to step forward and help even when help has been given in the past.

Swedes Run Barn Restoration Project is one such example.  Last November when Bill Burris read in the “Moorestown Sun” that $5,000 was needed to complete the restoration of Swedes Run Barn the Burris family made a donation in that amount.  When Burris recently read in “From the Front Porch,” the newsletter of the Historical Society of Moorestown, that an additional $5,000 was needed he didn’t hesitate to match his donation from last year.

The additional money is needed to satisfy the outstanding balance for the revitalization of the roof.  As the project progressed, it was discovered that the remaining rafters were badly deteriorated and their need for replacement doubled the original expected cost.

Julie Maravich of the historical society stated, “Bill Burris is a wonderful philanthropist whose generosity and concern for historic preservation has benefitted Moorestown not only through his donations to Swedes Run Barn Restoration but other historical projects as well.”

According to Maravich, custom doorjambs and doors are final touches that are in the works. Help is still needed, however, for the construction of a small landing inside the door. The landing is needed for safety purposes.

For more information regarding the Swedes Run Barn Restoration Project and to make a donation, please visit For additional press information regarding the Burris Family, please contact Diane Pilla at or 856-642-0007, ext. 202

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